Test, Measurement & Sensing

Equipment for RF & Microwave test, measurement and sensing

CrossPoint Technologies

CrossPoint Technologies switching products are broken into several categories: Redundancy Switching Systems; Matrix Switching Systems; Custom Applications. Most products are available with either solid state or mechanical switching elements. Most products are also available to cover any frequency from DC to 18 GHz.

Redundancy Switching Systems Redundancy switches provide a standby signal path that is shared among one or several identical paths. The Redundancy Switches can be used to automatically route around failed amplifiers, optical components, receivers, transmission paths, etc. Matrix Switching Systems Matrix switches provide a M x N configuration. All inputs can be routed to all outputs. Routing (or Selector) Switching Systems Routing switches provide a 1 to N or N to 1 configuration. They can be used to send a signal to one of several destinations, or to select one of many sources for processing. Custom Applications CrossPoint technologies welcomes the opportunity to design a system that meets your needs. If you don't see what you need, talk to us about it. Please e-mail us with any questions or requirements you might have.


automated antenna measurement systems for test and measurement including: Near-Field, Far-Field & Compact Range technologies for Antenna, EMC, RCS & Radome applications.

ORBIT/FR serves the defense, aerospace, telecommunications, and automotive industries with automated antenna measurement systems dedicated to Far-Field, ORBIT/FR is a pioneer of modern antenna measurement supporting the antenna test and measurement needs of the defense, aerospace, automotive, and telecommunications industries. From sophisticated turn-key measurement systems to precision individual components. provide for all of your test and measurement needs, including Near-Field, Far-Field & Compact Range technologies for Antenna, EMC, RCS & Radome applications.